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We are a group of young people showing others that websites can be built quickly and for small money. Our adventure with sites creation started a dozen years ago. Even as children we have written simple programs in C+. Then we tested in school pages built in the HTML language. This was a great success to see our first page.

As technology evolved we set our web pages to new requirements. We introduced the simple elements of Flash and formed even entire pages in this technology. Then came times of CMS Systems. We tested almost all major of them starting from Mambo, WordPress to Joomla!. The great advantage of these tools is their free software code, which can be used for both personal and commercial use.

Open Source Joomla! has provided to us many joy of creating web pages. We modify templates, create your own, modify the software code so as to adapt it to our needs. We think this is the most versatile GNU/GPL tool available on the market.

SINGERTON Group Company is a corporation bringing together many smaller companies with regional, national and global level. We operate since 2001, mainly at the area of education of children. In our resources there is Creative Education Center where we teach how to create websites. We teach also PHP Language, writing tags in XHTML animating in Flash and all those elements are needed to build a worthwhile site. The main focus we put on site aesthetics and functionality.

In our projects can be found both multi-lingual web portals and simple sites for regional organisations.

It is worth to have such a Web page, which you can modify by yourself. It is more to say that the CMS (Content Management System) should be stable and not generate problems for the ordinary user, who on PHP and XHTML knows little.

Pages created by us are stable, transparent, clean and functional. User must leave the site happy and willing to go back. Zero subscriptions, no corners, it's all about impact! Try for yourself!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer
XXLPAGE.com Team

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