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In the Internet age, traditional stores are beginning to be an increasingly less important. Their position is replacing with Internet shops.

If your stationary business is not supported by online sales, it's time to think about it.

Sales in the Internet grows rapidly. Sale of Internet-generated stores begin to exceed the sales of stationary stores. And there are still few costs of doing business in web. On the Internet, you do not have to rent the space to store, no one should be in one place eight hours or more.

Online Stores has become the ticket to higher sales and greater income. There is even a saying: "If you can not find a thing on the internet, there is no such a thing ..."

In order to meet your expectations, we offer the creation of online stores based on the CMS technology (Content Management System), where you can make changes, introduce new products, track orders, modify the settings of the store, store graphics, etc. Shop based on VirtueMart (GNU/GPL Joomla! component) provides advanced support services.

Key features of online stores created by us:
  1. Products catalogue:
    • unlimited products, categories and subcategories,
    • detailed characteristics of products (including photos!),
    • placing information about products, uploading images and thumbnails from the browser window,
    • variations of products,
    • product attributes such as size, color,
    • advanced search of products
    • import and export products to the CSV file,
    • adding images and files such as specification sheets.

  2. Price Management:
    • opportunity to choose any means of payment, list management rates, countries,
    • differential pricing for different customer groups (commissions),
    • displaying prices with or without tax,
    • management of promotions, discounts and price reductions.

  3. Flexible forms of taxation:
    • differentiated tax rates,
    • tax zones (countries, regions, states)
    • calculate the tax by address or store shipping address
    • EU mode (tax calculation based on the location of a shop, if the client comes from a country within the EU)

  4. Customer relationships:
    • create a group of customers (occasional, regulars, wholesalers, etc.)
    • carry the address book of clients with all the necessary data,
    • enable customers to manage their accounts and modify their data,
    • allow customers to view their order history, including details,
    • allow customers to set multiple delivery addresses of the products purchased.

  5. Customer Tools:
    • three types of search products - simple, expanded, according to the parameters.
    • publication of opinions about the product and product assessments (moderated or automatic)
    • simple and quick promotion of selected products
    • control on the availability of products, delivery time
    • send notifications about the availability of the product in the warehouse for waiting customers

  6. Payment methods:
    • use of different payment methods (cash, bank transfers or payment by credit cards)
    • support for real-time transactions - credit cards
    • use payment gateways such as authorize.net, DotPay.eu, PayPal, eWay, and other
    • expansion of payment methods with own methods written using Payment Module API
    • invoicing.

  7. Order Management:
    • Complete order management, including their history, IP addresses of computers,
    • customer service by automatic procedures for informing of the phase of the transaction,
    • define your own implementation of the orders (order status)
    • notification of the award - sent to the customer and the shop owner (depending on your adjustments),
    • inventory management - inventory levels of products and their variants (control of the products in the store)
    • notifying customers of availability of products, which at the time of the contract was lacking in the store.

  8. Shipment of goods:
    • Store downloads from the site digital products such as software, pictures
    • flexible configuration of the supply of goods, fees for shipping and forwarding agents
    • downloads forwarding rates online (eg modules for InterShipper service, UPS, USPS, FedEx, or Canada Post can use the Shipping Rate API).
    • enrichment with additional modules shipping with Shipping Module API!

  9. Reports and statistics:
    • report - a review on the home page (the number of clients, the number of orders, etc.)
    • generate sales statistics: daily reports, periodical, annual.

  10. Privacy Notice:
    • SSL secure mode
    • 128-bit data encryption,
    • database of IP addresses of computers from which orders were made.

  11. Additionally:
    • Assigning users to groups such as administrators, store administrators, vendors, demo, for performing tasks related to the management of the store by other users, not just an administrator. For example, vendors can add products and change their descriptions (but only for products added by them).

Each project is evaluated individually. Please send us the completed form to analyze your project.

We also offer implementation of an online store, product introduction and operation. Offer requires the signing of a separate service agreement.

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