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Optimizing pages or adjusting the content and code, or the entire website at a specific angle. Site optimization can be divided into optimizing the code and optimize content.

For most popular software for content management (CMS) it is easy to optimize the content from the user level. Code optimization requires in most cases modifications in the scripting code.

Code optimizing:
  1. For the speed of the site load (the size of code)
  2. For compliance with standards (validation in testing programs)
  3. For searches by search engines (meta tags, the hierarchy of headings)

Content optimizing:
  1. For use by persons with disabilities: appropriate placement order (text - menu - header)
  2. For searches by search engines: adequate selection of keywords, determine the hierarchy of headings, determine the density of keywords
  3. For user's affordability: highlighting the essential elements, the distinction of logically placed elements

Knowing how important is code optimization, we offer services associated with it. Pages optimized seem to run faster, are more visible to search engines thus typically occupy higher positions in search results.

Each project is evaluated individually. Please send us the completed form to analyze your project.

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