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Blog is a kind of website, containing several number of chronological ordered entries, of which author is commonly a blog owner. Blogs allow archive and categorising posts and also commenting by blog readers.

Blogs are mostly personal in their content and are used as Web diaries. These kind of blogs contain personal thoughts, observations, comments, pictures and even videos - in this way representing believes of the author. Blogs offer also much more: can be used as thematic vortals, marketing or communication tools (eg. political blogs). Whether personal blogs commonly have one author, in other cases number of authors increases.

Blog authors often take a look on other blogs, making links and contacts with other authors. In such case blogs net starts to exist as bigger and connected thing called blogosphere. In case of blogs focused on specific topics, exchange of ideas between authors may favor the development of the specific field of knowledge. For personal blogs, the authors refer frequently socialize, so we can compare the network of blogs with social networking applications.

Facing this increasing in popularity method of network existence, we offer you establishing a personal blog, or corporate blogs, where employees of an institution can share their anonymous opinions.

A blog can have personalized domain name such as www.johndoe.eu We maintain blogs on our owned or external servers and offer also maintenance services. This offer requires a separate service agreement.

Each project is evaluated individually. Please send us the completed form to analyze your project.

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