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Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) - computer program and the technology used to create animations with vector graphics on a keyframe. The resulting files .swf, often called "Flash files" can be played on site using a web browser with appropriate plug-in installed (such as Adobe Flash Player) or in a separate program. Since Flash 5 version, the application comes with a programming language to handle events (eg mouse click on item) - ActionScript. With this modification you can create applications, animations and interactive items, such as popular Web Flash Games. In addition, Flash files are used for Internet advertising and presentations. There are also websites completely based on Flash files.

The changes introduced in Flash MX 2004 (ActionScript 2 in particular) made it a complete programming environment. Macromedia used Flash technology also to its other products such as Adobe Breeze or FlashPaper.

Our developers perform for your items based on Flash technology. These elements may be:
  1. Banners
  2. Moving company logos
  3. Dropdown menus
  4. Site's graphic elements
  5. Advertisements
  6. Interactive presentations

We come away from the creation of websites built exclusively based on Flash technology. Pages are not indexed by search engines friendly, it is difficult to positioned, sometimes even this is impossible. We recommend placing only the graphic elements made in this technology.

Please fill out the form asking for your dedicated project. After analyzing your idea, we will answer via email or telephone.

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