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PHP – object-oriented, scripting programming language designed to generate web pages in real time.

PHP is most often used to run server-side scripting web, but can also be used to process data from the command line, or even to write programs working in graphical mode.

PHP scripts are usually placed in the text files (sometimes together with HTML or XHTML). Thanks to these properties PHP is similar in spirit to the mechanism Server Side Includes. PHP also allows you to execute scripts from the command line, like Perl, Python and Ruby. Its modular design also allows programming of standalone applications with GUI. PHP interacts with many types of data sources, such as database management systems, text files, XML documents and Websites.

We offer the opportunity to write a dedicated PHP scripts. Many of the solutions available on the market require adding own scripts for improving their functionality. Adding your own improvements to the existing already website in most cases requires a bit of code writing in PHP. At your request we are able to write simple and powerful scripts in PHP.

We also introduce our scripts on your website.

Each project is evaluated individually. Please send us the completed form to analyze your project.

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