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Discussion Forum - is transferred to the structure of the web kind of discussion groups, used to exchange information and views between people with similar interests using a web browser.

The forums are currently very popular form of discussion groups on the Internet. Keep them practically all the portals, most vortals, a significant number of ISP. They are also widespread on the pages of many institutions, journals, companies, universities, etc. There is quite a number of forums established privately.

Forums are also useful to provide so-called "Buzz Marketing". Positive feedback about your business and the products can significantly increase your sales!

We create standalone forums as well as part of the website.

Individual boards are based on the software GNU/GPL phpBB. Forums created as part of the web site use GNU/GPL Joomla! modules.

We also offer maintenance on our or external servers, servicing and modificating site elements. Offer requires additional service agreement.

WARNING! We do not offer support moderating and administrating forums. Every owner of a forum must be aware of its review board. The system protects against spam and unsolicited messages, but does not protect against human stupidity.

Each project is evaluated individually. Please send us the completed form to analyze your project.

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